Date Course Name Qualified CPE More Details
28/09/2021 Penetration Testing Training: Tools and Techniques – NCSC Certified Training Link to Course
29/09/2021 Women’s Leadership Training: Executive Transformational Leadership Link to Course
29/09/2021 Building an Effective Business Case Training Link to Course
04/10/2021 The Strategic Role of the Business AnalystThe Strategic Role of the Business Analyst Link to Course
05/10/2021 Developing Your Leadership Voice for Presence and Impact Link to Course
12/10/2021 Vulnerability Assessment: Protecting Your Organisation Link to Course
14/10/2021 Liquidation Considerations: A practical approach from an accounting and tax perspective Link to Course
20/10/2021 Overview of the Direct and Indirect Malta Tax Implications for Insurance Companies Link to Course
20/10/2021 Certified Data Privacy Solutions Engineer Training Link to Course
21/10/2021 Statement of Cash Flows: A Practical Perspective Link to Course
25/10/2021 Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) Training Link to Course
25/10/2021 Taxation of Immovable Property Transfers Link to Course
04/11/2021 Malta Tax Updates Link to Course
08/11/2021 Train the Trainer Link to Course
08/11/2021 Shipping Masterclass Link to Course
10/11/2021 IFRS Consolidation Masterclass Link to Course
11/11/2021 Audit Completion: The Suite of Auditor Reporting Standards and the Implications of COVID-19 on Audit Reporting Link to Course
16/11/2021 International Tax Updates Link to Course
18/11/2021 Practical considerations in Accounting for Tangible and Intangible Fixed Assets under IFRS Link to Course
23/11/2021 Unleash the Lease: A Practical Approach to the Impact of Leases on the Financial Statements Link to Course
30/11/2021 Is my auditor too sceptical? Understanding auditor expectations to increase audit efficiency Link to Course
06/12/2021 Taxation of Transfers of Securities Link to Course
14/12/2021 MLRO Training for the Remote Gaming Sector Link to Course