Date Course Name Qualified Learning Suites More Details
10/10/2023 Provisions and Contingencies Link to Course
19/10/2023 Artificial Intelligence: An Industry Perspective Link to Course
31/10/2023 Big Data Technologies – A Practical Approach Link to Course
01/11/2023 IFRS Consolidation Masterclass Link to Course
02/11/2023 Liabilities under IFRS Link to Course
03/11/2023 National Property Conference 2023 Link to Course
07/11/2023 Demystifying Professional Scepticism: Challenging Information and Assertions given by Management Link to Course
14/11/2023 The Low-Code Revolution Link to Course
16/11/2023 The Importance of Transaction Monitoring in the Detection of ML/FT Link to Course
21/11/2023 Financial Instruments for the Non-Financial Institutions Link to Course
28/11/2023 Impairment of assets under IFRS Link to Course
05/12/2023 Internal Controls, Risk Based Auditing and Reporting Deficiencies to those charged with Governance. Facts or fiction? Link to Course
11/12/2023 The Mechanics of Deferred Tax Link to Course
18/12/2023 Reporting of Segment Information Link to Course