Employee Engagement

Why Study it?

Engaged employees are enthusiastic and committed to the organisation. Enthusiastic and committed employees lead to organisation growth. Organisations want, therefore, engaged and motivated employees. The focus in this unit is on understanding engagement and exploring ways to improve and enhance the engagement of employees in an organisation.


What will I Learn?

On completion of this unit, you will know what employee engagement is and you will also know what it is not. You will be able to distinguish between engagement and such concepts as job satisfaction and employee involvement. You will be able to evaluate the different types of employee engagement and the components that add together to form engagement. You will also be able to analyse how employee reward can be linked to engagement.


Having studied this unit, you will be able to plan and implement organisational strategies, evaluating the tools and techniques available to increase and develop employee engagement. You will be able to analyse models of employee engagement and evaluate how appropriate they are in different organisational settings. You will understand how to monitor the progress of employee engagement strategies and reflect on the impact that such strategies will have.

Course Features

  • Guided Learning 70 hours
  • MQF level 4
  • Language English
  • Assessments Paper B.Exam