MLRO Training for the Remote Gaming Sector (sessions 1 & 2)

MLRO Training for the Remote Gaming Sector

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Course Description:

Session 1:
This course, offered by KPMG’s Gaming Faculty, will be focused on the remote gaming sector and directed to new MLROs (including new MLRO designates), and new staff members within the AML function. The course will delve into the FIAU Implementing Procedures Part I and the Part II, which the latter specifically relates to the remote gaming licensees. Particular topics will include the Risk-Based Approach (clarifying the concept and application of the Business Risk Assessment and the Customer Risk Assessment), CDD and EDD, MLRO obligations, PEPs, Sanctions, Training and more. We will also treat the subject of Terrorist Financing, which typically tends to attract less attention but is nonetheless an obligation of subject persons.

Session 2:
This session will be a 2-hour interactive training session which will consist of practical examples and typical scenarios based on the salient topics which were dealt with in Part I. These would be around the Customer Risk Assessment, Customer Due Diligence, Purpose and Intended Nature of the Business Relationship, Ongoing Monitoring and Sanction Screening.

Course Outline:

  • Malta’s AML Regulatory Framework
  • Risk-based approach: the Business Risk Assessment and the Customer Risk Assessment
  • CDD and EDD measures
  • Purpose and Intended Nature of the Business Relationship
  • Ongoing Monitoring
  • Politically Exposed Persons
  • The MLRO role and Reporting Obligations
  • Awareness and Training
  • Record Keeping Procedures
  • Sanctions Regulations & Sanction Screening Obligations
  • Adverse Media
  • Red Flag Indicators
  • Common Shortcomings from Compliance Examinations
  • Terrorism Financing

Target Audience:

MLROs (including new MLRO designates) and staff members within the AML function who work in the remote gaming industry.

“Really interesting training – MLRO Training for the Remote Gaming. Thanks to KPMG.”

– Attendee, Compliance Manager
(December 2021 edition)

Venue: Kindly contact us on to indicate your preferred training method; online or in-person.


This course would be particularly helpful to individuals working on AML/CFT in the remote gaming industry.

CPE Hours: This course qualifies for 5 hours of Structured CPE which can be classified as Professional Competency. A certificate of attendance will be provided at the end of each session.


Session 1:
Deborah Cassar, Associate Director, AML, Advisory – Risk Consulting Advisory Services, KPMG in Malta
Deborah Cassar

Lara Farrugia Imbroll, Assistant Manager, Advisory – Risk Consulting Advisory Services, KPMG in Malta
Lara Farrugia Imbroll

Session 2:
Deborah Cassar, Associate Director, AML, Advisory – Risk Consulting Advisory Services, KPMG in Malta
Deborah Cassar

Valentina Franch, Senior Manager, Gaming, KPMG in Malta
Valentina Franch

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Terms and conditions.

Course Features

  • Guided Learning 5 hours
  • Language English
  • Assessments
Deborah Cassar

Associate Director

Deborah is an Associate Director, Risk Consulting Advisory - AML Services, at KPMG Malta. Deborah has over ten years’ experience within the Financial Services sector, worked for over two years with the FIAU, and has over thirteen years’ experience within the AML/CFT field. She has worked extensively in the area of AML/CFT compliance - performing Compliance reviews, as well as assisting subject persons to establish appropriate AML/CFT internal structures. She is a recognised and Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist (CAMS) and also completed the Advanced CAMS in Risk Management (CAMS-RM). Deborah is an active member with the Association of Anti-Money Laundering Specialists (“ACAMS”), is also a Co-Founder & Co-Chair of the ACAMS Malta Chapter.

Assistant Manager

Lara is a warranted accountant by profession and holds a Bachelor of Commerce Degree in Accountancy and Management as well as a Master in Accountancy degree, from the University of Malta. Lara has been working with KPMG Malta since 2017 where she joined as a summer intern and was assigned to various departments including the Risk Management and Audit departments. In 2019, Lara joined the Risk Consulting Advisory Services department on a full-time basis and currently works as an Assistant Manager with the AML team. AML is an area where Lara has carried out substantial research as part of her dissertation submitted in partial fulfilment of her Master in Accountancy degree. Her research study focused on the transposition process of the 4th AML directive into the Maltese national laws. The study also covered the impact of the key changes in the 4th and 5th AML directives on selected Maltese investment firms. She is involved in several types of engagements including assistance to local and foreign clients with the drafting and reviewing of AML/CFT policies and procedures, Business Risk Assessments and Customer Risk Assessments, reviewing of client files and GAP analysis, as well as delivering AML/CFT training, thereby ensuring that her clients are compliant with the AML/CFT regulatory requirements.

Senior Manager

Valentina is a lawyer and Senior Manager at KPMG Malta, specialising in the iGaming sphere. Valentina has been active in the industry for several years. She regularly advises clients on a wide variety of areas, such as regulatory requirements, licence acquisitions and compliance obligations, safer gambling, management consultancy, growth strategies, due diligence and AML/CFT. Valentina is a member of a core group of professionals that specialise in remote gaming within the KPMG network globally and works cross-functionally alongside KPMG’s dedicated teams of individuals who provide industry-focused assurance, tax and advisory services to a large and varied client base across the gaming industry, both locally and internationally.