KPMG’s Corporate Training Package allows organisations to build their own training packages to expand the knowledge base of all employees while receiving significant savings. Our training, designed and delivered by experienced KPMG staff, challenges trainees to apply knowledge gained in training in practical ways in their work environment. KPMG training provides HR professionals with the peace of mind that while their staff’s learning and development needs are met, knowledge is transferred to the benefit of the organisation.


Attributes of KPMG’s Training Corporate Package:

Delivered by experienced professionals

A diverse team of professionals have been selected to deliver our portfolio of CPE seminars. These professionals have worked on extensive complex projects, locally and internationally, in the fields of taxation, IFRS, talent management, audit, automation, ESG, AML and across a wide spectrum of industries.

A trusted training partner

As a multi-disciplinary firm, we can provide you with topical and industry-driven courses as well as with access to selected courses and resources provided by KPMG’s international network of training academies.

Business value creation

We aim to provide you with business value through our preferential rates, flexibility in using CPE hours as well as ease in the booking process eliminating unnecessary administrative burden.

CPE Training Corporate Package
CPE Training Corporate Package

Types of Training

Public CPE Courses Bundle

Kindly contact us for a quote for a bundle of our KPMG Learning Suites public courses. Refer to our training calendar for the list of courses.

Private CPE Courses

Should you have a sizeable number of staff interested in a group of CPE seminars, we can happily deliver them specifically to your organisation. Our trainers could adapt the training material to be more relevant to your specific challenges. Kindly refer to Appendix 1 in our brochure to explore the variety of courses that are available for private delivery.

Customised Training

Should you identify any other training requirements that are not addressed in our scheduled programme of events, kindly reach out to us. Following a pre-course consultation that identifies your particular objectives and the unique characteristics of course attendees, we can then advise you better on how we can leverage on the highly specialised internal knowledge of KPMG staff and convert it into tailored instructor-led training that meets your specific organisational goals against a specific quote.

Contact us on or call us on +356 2563 6363 or on +356 9963 6363 to request a Personalised Training Package.