ACCA Pre-Exam Workshops


ACCA Question Based Day (QBD)

The best way to get exam ready is by doing a Pre-exam Workshop. It’s the perfect preparation for your exams and helps boost your revision.

During a Pre-exam Workshop you take realistic mock exams that aren’t found in any other Kaplan study material. They’re exam standard and can help you pinpoint the areas that need more work. Students notice the benefit of seeing a complete course from start to finish – learning the concepts in tuition, exam technique in revision and then applying their knowledge in Pre-exam Workshops.

The main benefits of Pre-exam Workshops are:

✅ Personalised feedback

The tutor will review your exam attempts and work closely with our team of experienced markers. This allows for the most direct and meaningful type of feedback, and it’s immediate. You’ll get feedback within a few days of submitting your attempt.

⏲️ Exam time management

A Pre-exam Workshop is sat just before your real exams so you can get a true measure of how the exam will feel. This includes finding out how long you will need to take on each question, and help you focus your final revision during the days leading up to your exam.

❓ Brand new questions

The Pre-exam Workshop course contains more than 120 marks worth of brand new questions, covering all the examinable areas. They often include some of the less common areas that you may have forgotten about.

📝 Identical to the real exam

You will complete your answers using the software/formats identical to the exam that you will sit – so either on a computer for Computer Based Exams (CBE) or on paper. This is essential practice so you can familiarise yourself with the layout and style, making the real thing a more efficient process.

You complete the questions to time and in exam conditions, which is great practice. Students who need a little exam discipline find this really helpful as it can be absent when practising alone.

💡 Get a real advantage

Pre-exam Workshop take place a week or two prior to the real exam, and put everything you have learned into practice, within an exam environment.

It’s the nearest thing you will experience to real exam pressure. It’s so much more than a mock exam.

We’ve found that students who complete the Pre-exam Workshop tend to be more focused and achieve higher results in the final exam than those who don’t. Pre-exam Workshops give you an edge over the competition.


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Course Features

  • Language English
  • Assessments CBE