The KPMG Loyalty Rewards are aimed at rewarding customer loyalty and to incentivise building healthy and long-lasting relationships with KPMG. Seminars that are eligible for Loyalty Rewards will be exclusively identified with the KPMG Loyalty Rewards logo. The Loyalty Rewards awarded to a seminar will be clearly indicated within each seminar description and will take into consideration the hours of training and the cost of the seminar. Each session within the KPMG’s Learning Suites entitles attendees for a number of KPMG Loyalty Rewards, as indicated in the respective pages.

After collecting 60 Loyalty Rewards, attendees will be entitled to a free CPE session of their choosing.

Once a whole cycle of Loyalty Rewards is completed (i.e. after collecting 60 Loyalty Rewards), one can start a new one. Loyalty rewards are awarded in addition to a 40% discount on every 3rd CPE seminar attended. The entire value benefit from this package converts to an overall price reduction equivalent to 15% on all CPE seminars attended.

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