Leadership Skills

Leadership Skills

Course Description: 

Leadership roles are present in whatever we do at work and in our private life. Such skills can be harnessed in all circumstances when required, demanding credibility, and direction. An effective aptitude to lead is constructed on key skills, and competencies such as dealing with and motivating the self and others to stimulate, develop and encourage.

Course Modules:

• Learning skills and an Introduction to Leadership
• Leadership Styles and the Challenge of Leadership
• Time Management and Handling Change
• Conflict Management and Delegation
• Work-Home Balance and Motivation

Target Audience:

‘Leadership Skills’ is a course which is ideal for all those individuals who wish to obtain a better understanding and knowledge of what being in a leadership position requires.

Course Details:

• Course Schedule: On Demand – Register your Interest via LINK
• Fee & delivery structure: Customised
• Delivery mode: Live online or Face to Face
• Minimum class size required: 8 persons
• ECTS Credits: 5
• Guided Learning: 35 hours
• Assessment: Combination of short tasks

Course Features

  • Guided Learning 35 hours
  • Language English
  • Assessments