Communication and Presentation Skills

Communication and Presentation Skills

Course Description: 

The course exhibits the importance and need of communicating effectively to render effective presentations. The employment trend to be flexible, calls for the improvement of the social intelligence, presentation, and public speaking skills to control nerves and build the confidence needed.

Course Modules:

• Communication Skills for Presentations
• Presentation Skills

Target Audience:

‘Communication and Presentation Skills’ is targeted at those individuals who wish to gain more understanding and knowledge of how to communicate effectively for Presentation purposes and how best to Present oneself and one’s work, particularly to enhance their employability.

Course Details:

• Course Schedule: On Demand – Register your Interest via LINK
• Fee & delivery structure: Customised
• Delivery mode: Live online or Face to Face
• Minimum class size required: 8 persons
• ECTS Credits: 5
• Guided Learning: 35 hours
• Assessment: Combination of short tasks

Course Features

  • Guided Learning 35 hours
  • Language English
  • Assessments