Working on the Self

Working on the Self

Course Description: 

Through this learning and development programme and this exposure to multi-skilling, the programme aims to shift the learner’ mind-set which should result in them being more equipped to pursue a more sustainable and satisfying form of employment. The course focuses on the practical application of the knowledge of the Self acquired and ensures that once the course is over the skills can be applied practically and usefully by its Learners in their search for a satisfying and stable employment.

Course Modules:

  • My Behaviour: Exploring and Building Self Esteem
  • Moving Forward and Working Together
  • Reflections on Your Journey

Target Audience:

‘Working on the Self’ is ideal for individuals who are seeking to develop themselves in order to increase their employability and improve their chances of career success.

Learning Outcomes:

Kindly click here to view the course learning outcomes.

Course Details:

  • Course Schedule: On Demand – Register your Interest via LINK
  • Fee & delivery structure: Customised
  • Delivery mode: Live online or Face to Face
  • Minimum class size required: 8 persons
  • ECTS Credits: 7
  • Guided Learning: 35 hours
  • Assessment: Combination of short tasks

Venue: Kindly contact us on to indicate your preferred training method; online or in-person.

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Terms and conditions.

Course Features

  • Guided Learning 35 hours
  • Language English
  • Assessments