Customer Care

Customer Care

Course Description: 

Customer service is vital to an organisation because it is often the most important contact a customer has with a company. No matter the size of the business good customer service should be at the heart of any business model if that business wishes to be successful. Although it might take going the extra mile and putting in an extra effort, an employee that understands the importance of good customer service which in turn leads to customer satisfaction, is something that an employer would look for in a desired employee.

Course Modules:

  • Introduction to Customer Care and the Different Sectors
  • Creating Customer Loyalty through Ethics and Personal Grooming
  • Excellence through Communication
  • Telephone Techniques and Handling Difficult Customers
  • Internal Customer Service and Teamwork

Target Audience:

‘Customer Care’ is a course that targets Individuals who wish to gain a basic understanding and knowledge of the Customer Care sector.

Learning Outcomes:

Kindly click here to view the course learning outcomes.

Course Details:

  • Course Schedule: On Demand – Register your Interest via LINK
  • Fee & delivery structure: Customised
  • Delivery mode: Live online or Face to Face
  • Minimum class size required: 8 persons
  • ECTS Credits: 5
  • Guided Learning: 35 hours
  • Assessment: Combination of short tasks

Venue: Kindly contact us on to indicate your preferred training method; online or in-person.

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Course Features

  • Guided Learning 35 hours
  • Language English
  • Assessments