People and the Organisation

People and the Organisation

Course Description: 

An organisation is simply a platform where individuals from different backgrounds come together and work as a collective unit to achieve certain objectives and targets. The word organisation derived from the Greek work “organon” is a set up where people join hands to earn a living for themselves as well as contribute to company success.

The employees are the major assets of an organisation and contribute effectively in its successful functioning. By gaining an understanding of the employees, the environment in which the employees function and the overall organisation, one can have a clearer picture of how the people of an organisation affect and influence the organisation’s objectives and outcomes.

Course Modules:

  • Understanding Organisations
  • Understanding and Analysing People’s Needs and Changing Behaviour Through Training
  • Personal (Self) Development Within The Organisation
  • Well Being
  • Dealing with Stress
  • Employment Law

Target Audience:

‘People and the Organisations’ is ideal for a range of learners. Junior employees, employed graduates, middle management and senior management, could all benefit from this course.

Learning Outcomes:

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Course Details:

  • Course Schedule: On Demand – Register your Interest via LINK
  • Fee & delivery structure: Customised
  • Delivery mode: Live online or Face to Face
  • Minimum class size required: 8 persons
  • MQF Level: 4
  • ECTS Credits: 14
  • Guided Learning: 105 hours
  • Assessment: Combination of short tasks

Venue: Kindly contact us on to indicate your preferred training method; online or in-person.

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Course Features

  • Guided Learning 105 hours
  • MQF level MQF Level 4
  • Language English
  • Assessments